Alsace Typical Day


Arrived in the breakfast room and found the hotel had included a large Kugelhopf for us to eat.  With a jug of coffee inside I'm ready for anything.


Checked out and mounted up. A lovely sunny May morning. The path seems to be surrounded by vines as we ride along and every so often we spot that there are signs up explaining the differences between the varieties.


We see a small coffee stop in the latest village.  The lights were off but  the place was busy.  We sit outside in the sun and enjoy the quiet. 


Set off again, following the traffic-free bike path south. In this direction we can see little multi-coloured villages surrounding onion spired churches.  I see bar signs for flammekueche look like a good lunch time snack with a little Pinot Gris.


Riding past a village we see a small bar with a menu chalked outside. We put the bikes in the courtyard where we can keep an eye on them. I was right flammekueche does seem to hit the spot, now pudding..


The village has a small folklore museum, very quaint. Or should we have a stroll up the hill through the vineyards for an hour?


Back on the bikes and away we go, only another 10km to the family-run hotel where we are planning to spend the night. We keep seeing workers in the vinyards and shout our hellos.  


Arrive at our hotel, it looks just as charming as in the photos.  We park the bikes in their barn, then shower.  I'll just rest my eyes for a few minutes...


We were planning a beer before supper, but instead, since they sell wine by the glass (odd glasses, green stem and clear bowl) we could just taste our way through the lot.  


To bed. I'm not sure why, but we seem to be sleeping very well on this holiday, despite the naps before dinner. Just time to check the route guide to see where we are going tomorrow before falling asleep.







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